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Real Sole Protection built by 3M Technology. Check out @soleprotector for all your sneaker protection needs. To help you rock your kicks this summer, we are proud to offer the following shipping options:
 $50 will automatically get you upgraded to USPS Expedited shipping so you get your SP fast!  
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Sole-Protector™ uses 3M™ adhesive technology to protect your soles!  The material is ultra clear, ultra strong urethane.  This is not over the counter type film, this is a commercial grade high quality proprietary material for SP, specifically designed to work with the rubber on your soles!  Not only is it great when it comes to keeping lighter colored soles clean, it slows down yellowing significantly on rubber bottoms.

Don't stress, our material is sole friendly and will always come off in one piece without leaving a trace of residue!



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Sole Protector™ in the News!

    Sole Protector is one of the latest sneaker products on the market. For those of you unfamiliar with the product, it is a clear film that uses 3M™ adhesive technology to protect your soles. This isn’t any plain old over the counter type film, but instead, it is a commercial grade, high quality proprietary film for SP. While the website has been live since April, the creators have been wor...

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