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One of the best parts of what we do involves detailed views of upcoming releases. Sometimes the changes are small and in other instances the changes are unmistakable. The latter applies to the upcoming Air Jordan Low "Emerald." On this model, the iridescent sole is outstanding but the real gem is buried under a layer of greenish skin. To appreciate what lays beneath the surface, add a little sunlight and watch the canvas unfold. Take a look at the images below for a few views and keep the following in mind. Half of these images were captured with a DSLR at very common settings for aperture, shutter speed, sensitivity, etc.. The other half was captured with an iPhone - mostly on default settings except for filters that give the hazy appearance seen in the intro image. Overexposure was utilized in an effort to pack as much light into the frame as possible and capture the color shift in as many combinations as possible. Edits were also made to each image to isolate and emphasize the upper and sole. No additional color was added. Finally, take note of what the color tones do in natural light (outside) and artificial light (inside).



The image illustrates a wide and complex color-way


Dull under low light and incredibly vibrant in natural light

Reflective even in shadow

Hues appear in stages

Sole glowing under protection

A more neutral view with less direct sunlight

A blast of sunlight

Same as above from another angle

In doors - medium light

Indoor narrow light


Sole indoor - low light

In door - close - low light

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