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Air Jordan 5 Oreo Crush VS Sole Protector Plus+

Air Jordan 5 Oreo Crush VS Sole Protector Plus+

Sole Protectors not only slow down yellowing and sole wear, they also protect against all types of harmful substances. In the past 8 years, we have tested on all kinds of everyday substances you may encounter in the streets including gum, dirt/sand, oil, and even đź’©.

Over the last year, we have created our SP Crush series to show our Sole Protectors in action. We have discovered that a video or picture using explosive or colorful everyday items can show how effective Sole Protectors are in saving your sole. 

In our latest crush video, we are using a pair of 2013 Air Jordan 5 "Oreos".  They are equipped with Sole Protector Plus+ and ready to go. As you can see in the video, the Oreos were no match for our SP Plus+. #KeepYourSoleClean 

You can check out our Instagram page for more of our SP Crush series.



Why Do We Experiment With Food?

In a world where so many have so little, it could seem odd or wasteful to experiment with food. So we wanted to provide a little info to anyone who might be interested. 

Not All Food: We don’t always use food. In some cases we experiment with gels, oils, dyes and other synthetic substances that may look like food..

Randomness: In our world, randomness is king. Your soles come into contact with an unlimited amount of substances [including food particles] in ways that simply cannot be planned. This is where the randomness of crushing becomes serious business. By selecting foods that spray, spread and slip, we get the random, explosive coverage that so many of our customers can relate to. In that sense, we can turn our videos into mini lab experiments that everyone can view, think about, discuss and enjoy!

Giving Back: Without the community, we are not here. So giving back is built into everything we do including the content that we create. In the case of our food experiments, we give back by donating to local food banks here in Central Florida. 

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