Why Do We Test? Because we want to keep giving you our best. Even with more than half a decade of protecting soles, Sole Protector’s® purpose remains the same - to provide our customers the very best in footwear protection and help people enjoy their kicks to the fullest! We also test to make new discoveries and create new products for our wide customer base. SP customers also come from all over the globe and wear their shoes on all types of surfaces so we seek to take their needs into account as well.



This test occurred as a planned photoshoot for the upcoming Air Jordan 11 Low “Emerald.” The environment was photogenic and an almost ideal match for the “Emerald’s” color scheme but the surrounding sandy soil was perfect for material testing. Moisture also played a key role in this test as the testing/photoshoot environment relied heavily on large volumes of flowing water to set the scene.


Sand and Soot from the photoshoot in a thick layer even after some was removed for the drive home. Peeling back the material shows the clean and yellow-free sole underneath. Used units also show how much dirt and grime our soles gather not just from one trip but over multiple wears







Lastly, as a test pair these Air Jordan 11 University Blue Lows are well worn (one of my personal favorites). This also allowed us to demonstrate how well the soles have been preserved from “yellowing” (the “rot” that ruins not just “icy” soles but white-off white soles as well) as seen in the Grape 5 images.

Close up views below show a “dirt line” between the protected and exposed sole. After removal and a quick scrub, the dirt from the unprotected portion is mostly removed.





Please let us know if you have any questions and remember to #KEEPYOURSOLECLEAN.




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