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Try the Custom Sole Protector™ in Original Sole Protector™ and Sole Protector Plus+™ for any shoe bottoms. Sole Protector™ will send you a ~13.5"x5.5" (Qty 2) or 7"x4" (GS Size) rectangles for each of your kicks.  Simply trace the bottoms and cut out or cover areas desired, use the extra to protect even more!

 Custom SP works for Size 14 and below...If you wear shoe size 15+, please email us.

Rotation Pack™ For Your Kicks!
Rotation Pack™ For Your Kicks!
Regular price $144.00 $127.00
Drag / Midsole KitDrag / Midsole Kit
Drag / Midsole Kit
Regular price $16.00

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