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Dunk Sole Protector Collection

Dunk Sole Protector Collection

Sole Protectors for your Dunks. Protect Yours Today! Protect against sole wear, heel drag, dirt, oil, gum or any unwanted substances. 

Don't forget to pick up a SP Fire Stick Heat Gun and SP Install stand to make installation easier. 

You can also keep them fresh and clean with our sneaker care products. Grab your SP Crease Protector, SP Quick Fix, SP Fresh and #KeepYourSoleClean

Dunk Sole Protector™Dunk Sole Protector™
Dunk Sole Protector™
Regular price $29.00
Dunk Sole Protector Rotation Pack™Dunk Sole Protector Rotation Pack™
Dunk Sole Protector Rotation Pack™
Regular price $87.00 $80.00
Custom Sole Protector Rotation Pack™
Custom Sole Protector Rotation Pack™
Regular price $123.96 $115.00
SP Crease Protector
SP Crease Protector
Regular price $10.99
SP Install StandSP Install Stand
SP Install Stand
Regular price $12.99
SP Sneaker BrushSP Sneaker Brush
SP Sneaker Brush
Regular price $7.99 $6.99
SP Fire Stick Heat GunSP Fire Stick Heat Gun
SP Fire Stick Heat Gun
Regular price $18.99
SP Fresh
SP Fresh
Regular price $9.99 $8.99
Sole Protector T-ShirtSole Protector T-Shirt
Sole Protector T-Shirt
Regular price $19.99 $16.99
Sneakerhead Decal
Sneakerhead Decal
Regular price $2.99
Sneakerhead StickerSneakerhead Sticker
Sneakerhead Sticker
Regular price $3.49 $2.99

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