Custom Sole Protector™ come in two sizes
  • Adult size (13.5”x 6”) or
  • Grade School size (12”x 5.5”)  

Simply trace the bottoms and cut out, or apply to entire sole and trim to fit! Use the additional strips to protect the sides. 

The Custom Sole Protector™ works for Size 14 and below...If you wear shoe size 15+, please click here to go to the Custom Sole Protector Plus+™ for size 15+.

If ordering for a Yeezy Boost due to the large sole the Custom Sole Protector will only fit up to a size 12.5.  If you wear a Yeezy shoe size 13+, please click here to go to the Larger Custom Sole Protector Plus+™.

  • Use Sole Protector Plus+ if you are looking for long lasting protection with built in traction and extra durability.
    • Good for everyday, casual use.
    • SP Plus+ comes with 1 pair and is good for 30+ wears
  • Use Sole Protector Lite If you are looking for short term protection or the ability to wear your SP a few times then toss the dirt when you are done.
    • SP Lite offers a “no heat” solution that is best for very light use, or if you are looking for protection against yellowing while storing your kicks.
    • SP Lite is sold as a pack and comes with 3 pairs of protectors and traction pods.

Click here for SP Plus+ Installation Video.  

Installation Tip For Sole Protector Plus+: Sole Protector Plus+ will need a small amount of heat from a hair dryer around the toe and heel to help it stick if your sole has patterns or deep grooves. 
***Make sure the material is completely sealed before wearing outside. If not continue to heat and work the material into the sole until it is completely sealed.

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