Keep Your Air Jordan I [1] Clean & Clear With Regular Sole Protector Or Sole Protector PLUS+™

  • Try "Sole Protector Plus+™" If you are looking for good grip and extra durability.
  • Try “Regular Sole Protector™" If you are looking for clear protection and great value.
  • Both are sold in pairs and are good for 30+ wears with SP Plus+ easily lasting 2x longer than Original SP.

Click here for Installation Video.  

Installation Tip For Sole Protector Plus+: Sole Protector Plus+ will need a small amount of heat from a hair dryer around the toe and heel to help it stick due to the intricate pattern. 

Installation Tip For Original Sole Protector: Due to the patterns on the toe and heel, you will need a heat gun for the SP to adhere properly to this shoe.