Keep Your Air Jordan XI [11] Clean & Clear With Sole Protector Plus+™ or Our New Sole Protector Lite

  • Use Sole Protector Plus+ if you are looking for long lasting protection with built in traction and extra durability.
    • Good for everyday, casual use due to built in traction.
    • SP Plus+ comes with 1 pair and is good for 30+ wears
  • Use Sole Protector Lite If you are looking for short term protection or the ability to wear your SP a few times then toss the dirt when you are done.
    • SP Lite offers a “no heat” solution that is best for very light use, or if you are looking for protection against yellowing while storing your kicks. 
    • SP Lite is sold as a pack and comes with 3 pairs of protectors and traction pods.

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