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Sole Protector™ FAQ

Welcome to the Sole Protector™ FAQ Page 

We know that people are dealing with a wide range of challenges right now and wanted to just confirm that we are still here and fully operational. We have operated as an online business from day 1 and have had to deal with everything from Hurricanes to Wild Fires. This may be our biggest challenge to date but we feel that we are ready! So shop with confidence as we are 100% ready to assist customers and fulfill orders. We appreciate all the support! Stay safe, stay healthy and #KeepYourSoleClean.

3/20/20 Update: We are currently working with a slightly smaller team in order to keep everyone safe so you may experience slight email and/or shipping delays. Please know that we will respond to all emails and are working to process your orders within our 3-5 business day processing window. During this time we will continue to offer free US shipping options and keep our current discount code (cleankicks) active. Again we want to thank you for your support!

5/12/20 Update: Due to shipping restrictions implement by our shipping providers, we are unable to ship to certain countries (111 at this time) at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update our site as soon as shipping resumes. For all other countries, we are processing and shipping orders normally. Also returns and exchanges will take longer to process due to COVID-19.

 6/1/20 Update: Over the years we have gotten pretty good at disaster planning and readiness with experience dealing with everything from wildfires to hurricanes.Now we have a new challenge in the form of COVID-19 and the civil arrest impacting cities all over the country and the world. That said, we are optimistic and confident that with your help we can still continue to operate and deliver protection for all who need it. 

Please read below for further guidance and information about how we intend to provide shipping during this challenging time and if there’s anything that isn’t covered in the information below please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via 

General Shipping Guidance: Due to the civil unrest occurring across the country and the world coupled with challenges associated with the COVID-19 virus USPS, UPS and FedEx altered their schedules and routes. This unfortunately means that for the time being, orders may take longer than the “usual” 7 to 10 business day window for standard mail and "3-4" days for priority mail. We will continue to work hard to deliver your product as soon as humanly possible but like all of you, we have to work with a system that is not back to full capacity.

Ordering and Payments

Q: Help! Where do I put the discount code on my phone or tablet?

  • Once you are done shopping, head to the shopping cart and click "checkout"
  • On the next screen, click on "Show order summary" at the top.  This is where you will enter your discount code.
  • Enter the discount code in the box and hit the arrow key to the right of the box.  This will add your discount code to your order.
  • If you still need help click here for a detailed video 

Q: Will I pay sales taxes? 

A: Our business is based out of FL, so if you live in FL then sales tax will apply.  But hey, at least you live in FL!  Purchases from other states don't have sales tax. Sole Protector LLC is not responsible for any Import Taxes on international orders.  We will ship to a shipping agent if requested.

Q: Can I pay with a PayPal eCheck?

A: Yes- but we will not ship your order until the check is cleared by PayPal.

Shipping and Delivery

Q: Is tracking provided?

A: Yes – for all domestic shipments of SP products, tracking is provided.  You will receive a second email confirmation when your order ships.  Orders are typically processed within 3-5 business days of order completion, the team does its best to process all orders in a timely manner.  Processing times are extended after majority Jordan releases due to demand. We do not ship on Sundays or major holidays since the USPS is closed. We do offer an expedited shipping option via USPS.  Please note: we only ship FedEx packages Monday-Friday.

Q: Help! I never received an email confirmation with tracking?

A: First check your junk or spam mail. Second check that you entered your email address correctly on your order. Over 1/3 of our order confirmation emails are sent back to us because the email addresses are incorrect. Make sure all your information is correct before placing your order. Third verify the email address that you used. Customers often use a family members email when placing the order and then forget.  If after checking your junk/spam mail and verifying your email you still can't locate your tracking email contact customer service at

Q: Will my SP order ship out the same day?

A: Our team works extremely hard to process orders as quickly as possible. During holidays and large sneaker release weekends, processing times will be delayed. FedEx and Expedited shipping orders will be processed first.  If you need your order within 3-4 days, we recommend contacting us first especially if it is after a major sneaker release or during a major holiday at 

Q: What happens if my SP order gets lost in the mail?

A: In an effort to protect the Sole Protector Team and the customer, a tracking number will always be provided when purchasing an SP product. Once the tracking description says, "delivered" the Sole Protector Team cannot be held liable if an item goes missing.  Please contact your local USPS to have them put a tracer on your package. We are not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure the correct shipping information is entered with the order. Team SP will do what we can to help support you in the process.

Q:What happens if my tracking say delivered but I don't have my package? 

A: Unfortunately, we cannot control the USPS delivery system. This is why it is very important to provide complete and accurate address information as this is what the USPS will use to deliver your package. It is also important to note that having tracking means that the USPS can use your tracking number to find your package's last known location. So in the event of a missing package, it is best to contact your local post office as soon as possible and notify them of the issue.

Q: Do you guys ship outside the US?

A: Yes, plus tracking is offered up to the point of Export Customs. Sole Protector LLC is not responsible for any Import Taxes.  We will ship to a shipping agent if requested. Please note International shipping can take up to 4 weeks to be delivered.

Q: Why did you increase your shipping prices?

A: We have tried to keep shipping costs as low as possible while adding tracking to every order. Unfortunately USPS has increased shipping prices every year and we have had to follow suite this year because of the large increase that they implemented in Jan 2019. We will continue to offer free shipping options throughout the year. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, FedEx has increased shipping costs so we have had to implement a small increase to cover some of the additional cost.

Returns and Exchanges

Q: What do I do if there are problems with my Sole Protector?

A: For any questions or concerns, please contact us at - We are based in the US and all production is done in the US which helps our company address your needs and concerns ASAP!  Please try to include any details about your order (order number, address, pictures, & heat source used to install).  We do our best to respond within 72 hours to all requests (Customer Service is not available on Sundays). Please Note: Emailing multiple times on the same day (or hour) will not speed up our ability to answer your email. Shipping fees will not be refunded.

Q: How do I return or exchange my Sole Protector?

A: As long as your Sole Protector is unused and in the original packaging, it can be returned or exchanged. Just send your SP to the following address:

Sole Protector
1969 S. Alafaya Trail #410
Orlando, FL 32828

Please include a note letting the warehouse know whether you are returning or exchanging your order. *Shipping fees will not be refunded.

Please Note: We do not accept returns or exchanges on used Sole Protectors.

If your order was placed within the last 60 days we can offer a refund. If your order was placed more than 60 days ago then we can only offer an exchange or merchandise credit.

General Sole Protector Questions

Q: What are Sole Protector's Holiday Hours? 

A: SP typically closes on all major holidays. During Christmas, we are normally closed from December 24th-December 27th.  Shipping typically resumes on December 28th. We are also closed Dec 31st-Jan 1st. We like to allow our team to spend the holidays with their families. Note: This date range is also impacted by carrier schedules, yearly calendars and weather.

Q: What is the difference between SP and SP Plus+?

A: Please click here to read about the difference between SP and SP Plus+

Q: What does M and W stand for in the size chart?

A: M= men's sizes and W= women's sizes. If you have any questions on sizes please feel free to contact us at

Q: Why do I buy my Sole Protector (SP) size in a range?

A: Our testing has shown that an SP for a size 12 is basically the same as a size 13.  We have done our best to match up the sizes as appropriate because each shoe is different.  If you find that that your size isn't listed or you are at the top of the size range for a particular model, we recommend purchasing the next size up and trim the Sole Protector if needed.

Q: Are Sole Protectors sold as a pair?

A: Yes. When you order a Sole Protector you will get a pair, one for each sole.

Q: Do SPs require heat to apply?

A: Sole Protector Lite does not require heat.  SP Plus+ can be applied to most icy soles without heat but they do need to be properly worked into the sole especially around the edges. Some models with designs on the toe and heel will require heat around the edges. For all other soles, we recommend heating the SP Plus+ prior to use and then around the edges until completely sealed. You can use a hair dryer to heat it as long as the heat setting is high enough. Please read our Application Instructions that can be found here. If you have any other application question, contact us at

Q: Is the SP visible on the bottom of my shoe?

A: Hardly, the material is about the thickness of a dollar bill. Under close examination, your sneaker's sole will appear glossy compared to a sole without Original SP.  The more you wear your shoes with SP, the better the material molds to your shoe for even better protection. SP Plus+ will have a more rugged look since it is geared at providing protection with built in traction.

Q: Will SP cause loss of traction?

A: Yes, in short, because different surfaces will react different to the material.  After a few wears, you won't even notice you have SP on your kicks but you will notice how clean your soles stay!  The Original SP you purchase should allow for some rubber on the sides of the shoe to be exposed for some grip.  This product is not intended for athletic use.  Our testing has found SP works best on hardwood floors, concrete, etc. It is recommended to stay away from sand and mud…but com’on, you wouldn’t wear your Js to play beach volleyball!  The more you wear the shoes, the better the material molds to the bottoms and traction will improve.  SP Plus+ will provide more traction than the Original SP however it is still not recommended for athletic use.

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